MS Care

MS-Care is formulated using a proprietary technology wherein the bioactives embedded in to a core food matrix to deliver endproduct with enhanced physico chemical properties.

MS-Care is aProprietary ingredient carrying dual antioxidant properties and targeted to address wide audience range.

Muscle injuries, muscle soreness can commonly occur when you start a new exercise programme, change your exercise routine, or increase the duration or intensity of your regular workout. Even regular walking, jogging and other physical activities also cause these concerns. Improving the stamina and endurance shall help the active group to perform better. MS-Care has differentiated nutraceutical ingredient to address all these target segments

MS-Care, a clinically validated patented ingredients are being targeted across a wide population

  • Active adults to geriatric
  • Regular exercisers to athletes
  • Gym-goers to bodybuilders

MS-Care -helps in muscle recovery by maintaining lactate dehydrogenase levels(mg/dl


MS-Care -Quick & effective in pain regulation. Clinical data reveals MS-Care Supplementation had show a steepdecline in pain VAS score during the intense exercise phase of day 5 to day 10

MS-Care Shows a performance enhancement by 17% with in 5days of supplementation

MS-Care Nutritional Benefits:


Safety & Efficacy Established


Water Soluble Powder


Multiple Scientific Studies


Effective as a Single Ingredient Or In combination


Clinically Validated


Synergestic Combination With Protein Supplements